Our production chain

Our production chain

23 June, 2020

Our production chain
Thanks to its technical team, Ararat Food Factory directly supervises the entire production chain:·       
1 Seed planting in fields , gardens and greenhouses: varietal choice and transplant schedule in line with a collection plan agreed upon with the various farmers;·         
2 Transplant: Ararat Food Factory technicians and the farmers follow all transplant and rooting stages;·         

3 Cultivation: the entire cultivation stage as well as the correct implementation of regulations are technically supervised by Ararat Food Factory in cooperation with the farmers;·         

4 Harvesting: harvesting and collection are agreed upon with the farmers and the producers in compliance with the processing schedule drawn up weekly by Ararat Food Factory;·         

5 Packaging - carried out at our facility for the production with the most modern technologies. 
6 Commercialization – Ararat Food Factory  supplies not only to the countries of CIS , but also to Europe, USA, Middle East, e.t.c.